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Does Mag Prime Greatly Benefit From 75% Efficiency?



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I like efficiency. I spam Shield Polarize a lot in Void missions, and I'd run out of energy a hell of a lot faster without efficiency.


I think it depends on how you play and what you prefer, really.

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Well I use mine like this:


Which is 50% efficiency. The reason I run like this is so I can reach 100% shields drain with Shield Polarize.

The stats for the build end being:


The loss in Power Duration only affects bullet attractor which I don't use many often. you could add in a "V" polarity, place the Bind Rage there and get 11 free points for another mod you may like. I'm not quite fond of Mag and hence why I haven't make it.
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Shield polarize double dips from power strength, so it's really beneficial to have up to +100% power strength when using it for damage, or with OE.


For example, using 75% efficiency, power strength caps at +57%, which restores only 78.5% of your shields. Using 50% efficiency you'd cost twice as much but fully restore shields - in this case it's better to use the more efficient setup.


However when using OE as well, power strength is at -3% with 75% efficiency, restoring only 48.5% of shields per cast. If you upgraded Blind Rage to Rank 7, youd get 50% efficiency, and restore 71% of Shields per cast, still less efficient, but more competitive.


Pull is obviously more spammable with more efficiency.


So, when using abilities for support and Pull for CC, 75% efficiency is the way to go.


HOWEVER: The difference really shines when you look at the damage.


Our 57% PS setup with 75% eff only deals 308% of shield value as damage, while our 50% efficiency setup deals 505% shield value as damage. Because Shield polarize can only hit an enemy once, it cant be spammed for damage, you're better off with the less efficient setup as a damage dealer. Shields scale slower than health so at really high levels you want as much power strength as possible.






TLDR: Use 75% efficiency for support, use 50% efficiency for mid level damage dealer (~<=lvl 50), and use full BR (35% eff) for high level nuker.

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Only bullet attractor is affected by the lesser duration so there's no reason not to go for a full power efficiency build on her.




Efficiency has a +60% cap doesn't it?


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