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Request For The Ships?


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maybe not all the extractors you have ready, but something like this:


- a little repair station, in which an extractor is being repair (if one is being repaired).

- if no extractor is being repaired, there is one hovering about a bit in a set area (maybe behind it some racks with stacked extractors?)

- if you have a prime extractor, a special pad for that extractor to rest on, next to the repair station

       - if the extractor is deployed, the pad is empty

       - if the extractor is not deployed (and full hp) it's hovering around a bit (like the normal extractor)

       - if it needs repairs it's being fixed on the pad


and perhaps an option 'free roaming', so you can choose if the extractors hover about a bit (in a set area), or if they just stay on the pad

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Extractors would be cool. Maybe see one fly up to your ship from outside with a resource and then fly away a few seconds later if you're over a planet one is deployed at.

Personally I'd rather see whatever sentinel I have equipped floating around, looking at screens, looking at stuff on the foundry, messing with my kubrow (Cubie you back away, dont you dare vaporize him!). Still excited either way!

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