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Anyone Else Notice The Ai Is Harder Today Or Just Me And My Clan?


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i think it goes up and down :-)


looks like, as well as i dont play a long time now, i registered before 4 month and left it, then i come back, digged deeper and bought the rhino-prime-pack

now im really hooked at ... i have also to take care about myself that i dont get eaten here at the forum


i know too much about marketing


what i really like and enjoy is that i farmed a few warframes instead of buying them, so i can use my platinuum now for different things then buying "the basement" :-)

there are better ways to use platinuum in the game then buying everything :-)

so it will not become that expensive

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I think they've been slightly modifying the AI's for a while now. Particularly with the infested, and especially around update 13.8, they've made noticeable changes to simple things like a Charger's targeting and timing AI, and the same with other units such as Leapers and Runners. A lot of it is in the animation transitions, which they've been cleaning up to be more fluid and reactionary.


The changes have been small and subtle over time, but the more they refine it the more noticeable it is.  

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e.g. mob backs a bit? hides often? runs faster to charge you? throw grenades often?


i mean, ive been seeing "yes theres a change" with no further specific explanations.



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