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Submitted Clan Emblem On Weekend, Didn't Take My Plat.



To be more clear, I submitted the Emblem for my Clan during the weekend, and it didn't spend the 150p I set aside for it. I'm wondering if it just didn't submit, or if I should wait a little longer. I don't mean to sound impatient, I just don't want to end up seeing a hotfix, getting excited and ready to see our Clan's new Emblem, and then end up being disappointed because it didn't go through (possibly because of the weekend, when, presumably, DE takes a break).  Any suggestions?

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DE is currently super busy with Update 14, they will probably take care of Clan Emblems again after a couple of Hotfixes after they releassed it.

Does this mean that the image I submitted will be looked at or will I have to resubmit it once they're ready to receive them again?

Also, why not just shut down the emblem service if they aren't using it so that they don't confuse people like this?

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