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Ash Bladestorm Glitch


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I ran into this odd glitch while running a Dark Sector defense. I wasn't the Ash so I'm not sure what might have caused this to happen but wanted to bring attention to this issue. Perhaps someone else can shine more light on it.


What appears to have happened is that the Ash activated Bladestorm but something cause it to glitch. It produced the Ash clones, but they didn't do anything and acted as decoys instead. The Ash was also out of sync with the level in someway as well.



Some screens.




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There has been threads about this already idk what causes ash to glitch in bladestorm but the animation cancels half way makes him invincible but screws up his movements. I had it happen to me before and i started walking in the air and couldnt go back down to go through a door o_o

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