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Corrupted Corpus Rapid Blind Firing From A Cover.


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I have noticed this bug around an early U13 patch, but never catch it directly.


Now, I can reproduce it, by using an invisible loki.


You must go invisible and fire a non-silenced weapon, forcing the corrupted to seek for a cover.  

When they get a cover, firing a weapon again while invisible and a corrupted corpus will retaliation with a rapid blind fire.



P.S.- How fast they are firing?  It's exactly likes a corrupted grineer gun, with a strun sound.

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Ive seen this plenty of times before, though I can't remember anything that might of caused except that the Corrupted Corpus was in cover. I guess I only seen it because it happens mostly in defense missions. Also it seems to fire exactly like the corrupted grinner gun, as you said. And when they do that there is perfect accuracy, as Shion963 said,  I think that they dont have perfect accuracy normaly. So its a glitch that gives there guns a secondary fire.

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I thought blind-fire has accuracy penalty, maybe their energy-struns have perfect accuracy? An oversight, perhaps as AFAIK all weapons should be susceptible to accuracy reduction.

Speak about it accuracy.  I'm using an invisible loki, they did has a accuracy penalty, firing shot spreading around.  

But if you are not invisible, they shot are perfectly line up to you, even blind fire.

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