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The Volcanic Warframe


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This is my third attempt so here is an idea


This is Inferno (The Burner, The Incinerator)



This was in Mars. A tenno who stole an artifact from the Corpus he was getting hunted, Zanuka Hunter/Harvester appeared out of nowhere and chased but he dropped his weapons, Inferno knew the Corpus needed this artifact to create a new prototype (it had a power of heated energy) he was powerless except the fact that he still has the artifact but didn't know how to trigger it. The Corpus found him and when he ran, he came next to Olympus Mons and the artifact was reacting. Inferno wanted to know why the artifact reacted to the volcano so he ran up to it and hoped to let zanuka fall into the volcano but he was too close to the edge and fell in. The Corpus thought he was history so an osprey had to fly in and magnetize the artifact, but the osprey died by someone. Inferno who is a tenno that could mysteriously gained the power of Magma & Lava. He showed Lotus the artifact to keep safe and now fights as the Volcanic Warframe.



Base Statistics

Health: 100.0 (300.0 at rank 30)

Power: 150.0 (225.0 at rank 30)

Armor: 100.0

Shield Capacity: 75.0 (225.0 at rank 30)

Sprint Speed: 1.0

Stamina: 90



Explains Him

Erupting from the volcanic depths, Inferno uses the power of lava and magma to incinerate foes on the battlefield.




Inferno's abilities are volcanic, bringing enemies true heat to the battle.


1)Lava Pool- Forms a large lava pool in front of Inferno, trapping enemy feet into the pool and dealing fire damage per second.

Upgrade will increase damage, duration and numbers

Starts at 75 fire damage, 1 pool and 3 seconds, upgrading, 1st rank is 100 damage, 2 pools and 5 seconds, 2nd rank is 120 damage, 3 pools and 6 seconds, 3rd rank is 150 damage, 5 pools and 7 seconds.

Strength mods are affected, Duration mods aren't affected.


2)Magma Form- Transforms into a being of magma, resistant to fire and high fire damage on firearm & melee, if touched by fire, fire damage increases.

Upgrade will increase damage and duration.

Starts at 50 fire damage and 3 seconds, upgrading, 1st rank is 75 fire damage and 4 seconds, 2nd rank is 100 fire damage and 5 seconds, 3rd rank is 115 fire damage and 6 seconds.

Duration and Range mods are affected, Strength mods aren't affected.


3)Heated Flow- Inferno causes special magma to flow underground with a supportive aura, increasing agility to your allies.

Upgrade will increase Duration and Effect

Starts at 10% increase and 5 seconds, upgrading, 1st rank is 20% and 6 seconds, 2nd rank is 50% and 7 seconds, 3rd rank is 65% and 8 seconds.

Duration mods are affected.


The true heat has exploded

4)Eruption- rises a volcano and causing it to erupt out lava and big lava rocks, dealing high fire and blast damage to enemies in the area. the volcano itself will become volatile overtime.

Upgrade will increase damage, duration and AoE

Starts at 300 damage, 5 seconds and 7m radius, upgrading, 1st rank is 450 damage, 7 seconds and 12m radius, 2nd rank is 500 damage, 9 seconds and 15m radius, 3rd rank is 600 damage, 12 seconds and 18m radius.


Other Stuff

Lava Pool he spreads his hands out and faces them down which creates a big lava pool in front of him, when it's upgraded there are more pools which they appear around him.


Magma Form spreads his arms out and turns into a form of magma, he is immune to fire but actually he absorbs fire which increases fire damage and all his weapons gain fire damage in this form.


Heated Flow Action is like hallowed ground and when it is in effect, allies blink or glow orange.


Eruption action looks like rising a volcano, then it erupts lava (heat and corrosive damage) and big lava rocks (Impact, heat and blast damage), then it becomes volatile.


please comment. i just want some comments and attention

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Magma form sooo you can't get past the 100 dmg? or whatever it is? which means magma form is useless in the void

Lava pool so red version of hydroid's puddle?

Heat flow means he just uses volt's ability but with fire? instead of electricity?

Eruption? wait until we get NASA like pc's to keep up with changing a freaking planet or a spaceship? like volcanoes on grineer galeons?

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