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Jump Attack Dynamic Scaling?


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I've always wondered this every since the first trailers of Warframe.

The part where Rhino does a jump slam attack, and it shows the floor shattering from the force.

Jump attacks these days don't do very much apart from knock down + a little extra damage.


How about we have jump attacks, and maybe even slide attacks/copters scale in damage?

So we could have jump attacks scale to weapon damage and fall height, and slide/copters attacks scale with run/movement speed at time of execution?

With a damage cap, of course.


Just throwing out an idea.

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I can see that works well with jump attacks, but for slide attacks, as you are always sprinting for doing them I don't see what would change. Maybe scaling with volt's speed for exemple ? Anyway that would give an advantage to faster frames, not sure if it's a good idea.

But for jump attack I think it would be good, it would allow you to play with heigh and would give another incentive to use excalibur's super jump.
But make it scale with height only and not velocity or zphyr would be a little screwed...

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I really like this idea, and if its possible for the engine to sustain i think it should be seriously considered. It feels amazing to have a velocity multiplier in mount and blade, and it just makes sense at the same time. Why not WarFrame. I am for this up vote OP.

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