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I have found some bugs that went unnoticed in my experience with this game, the first that i will name is with Valkyr's Signature ability, Hysteria, dont get me wrong i love this skill to death due to its ability to reward you for punching people square in the face, the problem is that people should take damage from being punched so hard, however hitboxes have not been kind and let them go unscathed, making me waste the precious time, the second bug is involved with Hysteria again, which to my knowledge is client-side, in which you will be left vulnerable and forced to melee with your actually equiped melee weapon, for around 6 seconds, the third bug is with Earth's defense tile's infested spawn points, in which they can be detected spawning in the floor, sometimes completely unshootable, forcing you to abandon the mission, the fourth bug involves clipping through the Dojo's walls through wall running in the trading hall, please find the cause of these bugs and fix them whenever possible

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