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Exile Clan Is Recruiting!


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Hi there, I am the founder of Exile clan, our numbers have been rising lately and we are currently at 75 members most of whom are active. I originally didn't think much would happen and expected the clan to die off after a while with people coming and going in the game, but the clan has only been growing.

We have everything researched and 2 undeployed rails, all our members help one another and and contribute when needed. This is a friendly environment and so far I've not had to warn anyone about their behaviour. We do not accept those with a boisterous ego or those looking to start trouble.

I've tried to gain more members recently on the recruiting tab but it seems dry ATM, I'm looking for not only EU players but we need US players also, we need someone from the US to guide the clan whilst the EU side rests, if your interested you can PM me on PS4, my name is iii-URBAN-LLL

Anyway EU or US your more than welcome to join, we don't have a flashy website and the other incentives that other clans offer, we just play the game respectfully. No need to buy loyalty

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