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Many other MMO games with co-op based elements have a matchmaking system that pairs players in small parties, so each and every one of them benefits from team-work to help them through a specific mission they were looking for, but these games have a very linear progression system: Jump from point A to point B; from point B to point C; and so on. Warframe, on the other hand, has a somewhat linear progression system as well. It also benefits from a matchmaking system: You can jump from point A to B; from B to B.1 or C; whichever the player's looking for, and still run with an available squad.


Major issue is that Warframe players do not only rely on regular planetary missions. The game itself also provides players with special missions accessible only through certain means. - You know what I am talking about: The void; Orokin derelict ships; among others. Digital Extremes was forced to implement a way to connect players, so no one is left out. If you can't find a certain key, then you have plenty of other players willing to share it; If you don't have the resources to make a key, the same applies. But to find a specific mission, you need to sit through the Recruiting chat (I'm not saying that it's bad, but it's not the best way of doing things.).


I had in mind a simple, but better way for players to find whatever they want: You guessed it! A squad matchmaking system. It would be accessible by clicking one of the many buttons at the top of the menu interface, or through your ship, when the new major update hits. Whichever's the case, it opens up a window with many options. Search a mission, find all available squads in that specific mission, change your filter options, pick the one that pleases you the most, and join them. This new improved system would be available for all missions. Why, you ask? When there's already a decent matchmaking system for regular missions. - Well, not everyone goes to one mission for the same reason. For example: You want to farm a specific rare mod, right? Open up a squad; make it public; add the information of what you're looking for; filter Warframes, so only those particular Warframes can join; and wait for players to join (Filtering for Warframes it not a bad idea, as long as it's properly executed. Players could see which Warframes were allowed, and with a click of a button, you could immediately change and join. So, it's like: "Oh, I want to farm that rare mod!" (Click on Nekros) Joining....).


It's just something along these lines, doesn't need to be specifically what I suggested. Feedback would be greatly appreciated, as usual.

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