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Combat Control Clan Recruitment - Mature Players


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COMBAT CONTROL is a ghost clan in complete rebuild mode.  Most of the original clan has moved on to other games and I took over the leadership.  The dojo is complete and a sweet design that I cannot let go to waste.  You will not find a more complete and wealthy Ghost clan with so many openings.  I want a small active clan where everyone knows each other and grow from there.   If you want a huge clan where you play with strangers, read no further, this is not for you. 


- Be mature and respectful.  If you do not understand this concept, this is not the clan for you.  There is no age requirement, but being rude, selfish, or immature will get you booted.  I'm married with children, I do not need anymore. 

- Be active.  Casual gaming is allowed as I am looking for like-minded players (I have a full time job), but if you do not log in for a couple weeks (with no warning), you will be booted to make room.  I want to grow, but if you're taking up a slot and not playing, there is no reason to keep you.  If that is you, join a large clan where they would never notice you missing.

- Be close.  This matters for both time zone differences and lag.  If our servers are on different coasts, lag may be an issue.  I am located in Texas and play evenings central time on east coast servers.  Weekends are a different story where late night binge playing is allowed!  This is not a requirement but will be taken into consideration. 

- Be willing to use Team Speak.  We have a dedicated Warframe server and it is an excellent way to communicate outside of matches and find out who is online and playing.  It is password protected and dedicated to Warframe.  Preference will be given to those who talk! 


1.) How are promotions handled?
Prove you are a dedicated responsible person with a desire to be more involved and you will be promoted.  The clan is small, this is the perfect time to join and be important.   

2.) What about event competitions, pvp, etc.?
I love competition but my real life precludes me from dedicating my resources to a video game.  In other words, we are a casual clan.  However, I've completed every event since I started playing and obtained some high scores as well. 
-Events:  I'd love to obtain a shadow trophy for the dojo. 
-Dark Sectors:  Sounds like fun but will require some coordination and effort to do correctly.  Perhaps if we get 10 coordinated players, we can go that route.  I am not worried about it but will certainly support with resources, specters, and massive firepower on quests. 
- Conclave and pvp:  Sure why not!  Organized clan tournaments are not out of the question.  Competitive play is a lower priority for me but I do have fun participating.

3.) Does Combat Control have a clan emblem?
Not yet.  If this is your passion and you want to design one, I'd be willing to help fund it.  It really does not matter to me much since I do not care for the holographic emblem placement on the Warframe, but I am not against the idea.  We can grow here together. 

4.) Does Combat Control have a webpage / voice chat outside of Warframe?
We have a dedicated team speak server as well as a webpage. 

5.)  Are dojo donations required?
Dojo donations are not required.  I think as we play together, we will start to share the same goals and donating gives a since of dojo ownership.  However, it's a donation after all, not tribute. 

6.)  Is there a minimum Mastery Rank required to join?
No, all mastery ranks are allowed.  I'm 1 weapon away from rank 16 and do not mind helping out new guys or veterans with a goal.  I can play any frame and have most weapons at my disposal.  We are not looking for power houses, all are welcome, new and veteran alike. 


Research Status: 
All existing research is complete.  New items are researched immediately after the new content is released.

Combat Control has one of the most logical and non-linear dojo layouts existing with easy access to important features and the ability to explore as well.  It took me weeks of trial and error before creating a blueprint and designing this:  CLICK HERE FOR MORE DETAILS

Dojo Details:

- All the reactors in the basement
-The elevators going down (and future up) connect  allowing access from different paths
- All research rooms close to spawn point (in greatest hall located on far right)
- The dueling rooms are in the spawn point
- The obstacle course is at the end (but hey, if you're going to run obstacle, you need to run to get there)
- A layout that looks like a giant space ship
- Future expansion will have the same layout in the basement; but on an upper floor.  This will include barracks and any new rooms (I'm hoping for a docking station for our future Warframe ships)

First floor in-game:

Basement (power): 



If you wish to join, reply to this topic or PM Educated_Beast (me).  I'm accepting all active players right now.



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I added you. I hope i can join. We seem to be in very similar situations, with the other clan members. I was planning on starting my own clan, but yours looks like exactly what i was looking to make! 

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