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Discuss My Ideas! (Sound Packs, More Camera Angles)


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These are some ideas I wanted to throw out to the community to see what they think.


1. Sound Packs.


We all like nostalgia, right? Give us the ability to tune out guns for customization's sake and the purpose of nostalgia. For example: 


Noob's Noise Pack - Get back the classic pew-pew sounds of your Bratons and the harsh boom the Latos once had. ~50 Platinum.


Other sound packs that could be had are sounds for the Paris, to give it that loud, resonating 'PRAK' noise it had upon release, or to give the Gorgon its powerful, chaingun-esque sound back.


2. More Camera Angles.


One of these angles I found in a glitch. I replicated this glitch with a Glaive by side-rolling into a laser beam door. It lowered the screen camera down to the thighs, or around there, giving a unique perspective.


Here are some images:








http://imgur.com/m9R8Evn,xMmTDDt,P4keWbo#0 if the links don't work.


This camera perspective will enhance game-play, because since it's closer to the ground, it'll seem as if we're moving faster, and this game is based primarily on action-ey, fast-paced game-play. If this was programmable, the iron sights wouldn't change, this would only be when hip-firing or moving generally.


More ideas soon to come. Discuss these in the meantime, and be civil.


EDIT #1: Spell-Checked and added how to replicate the glitch with the camera.

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After thinking, 50 platinum for some noises sounds pricey. An alternative would there to have blueprints for 'modifiers' for weapons we can craft with some miscellaneous stuff, and we could apply it to X weapon and be able to swap when wanted.

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I want the sound packs option, but only if I can replace gunfire with the sound of donkeys.


Advanced camera options could come in handy on a few occasions, but I think the main benefit would be for people making warframe videos.  Spruce things up.

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1. Really don't care unless you can somehow randomize as well between sounds for the same thing. especially the mission background music. I play with sound off because its too damn repetitive. 


2. eh. ok. 

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