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Which 13.7 Prime Items Are Worth Snagging In Survival And Defence?



With the next Prime updates inevitably coming live to us console peasants tommorow, I would like to know which pieces of Bo, Wyrm and Loki prime are worth taking on the off chance I see em in Survival or Defences.

The reason I would like to know is because I don't want to use up a T4 key for something I'm going to be finding hundreds of in the future. In case it matters, Bo prime will be my priority so I'll be taking whatever piece shows up whenever.


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Everything that's a) a new Prime item, and b) found in T4, is generally going to be valuable, especially for PS4 players since they're going to be new items. The exception to that is the Bo Prime Ornament, which is found in T4 Survival in the first rotation. You'll find a ton of them so they're not too much to worry about, but you'll be able to snag 'em for your Bo Prime easily enough.


Hope that helps.

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