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Selling Bronco Prime Set for 15p, or will trade for Lex Prime Set.


Also selling the following mods.


- Stances -

Grim Fury (15p)

Brutal Tide (10p)

Cleaving Whirlwind (5p)

Sinking Talon (5p)


- Auras -

Energy Siphon (10p)


- Sentinels -

Guardian (10p)

Coolant Leak (10p)

Sanctuary (5p)


- Other -

Quickening (10p)

Life Strike (10p)

Malignant Force (5p)

Pistol Pestilence (5p)

Toxic Barrage (5p)

Master Thief (5p)

Berserker (5p)

Intensify (5p)



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