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Warframe Updates In A Nutshell


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This was semi inspired when reading this: https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/topic/255645-no-but-seriously-guys/

If you hate fake stories, stop reading. You have been warned.


The Train.avi




>Update 13 burned out at least 80%

>2 devstreams build the hypetrain

>Veteran players complain about not getting everything the way they want it


>megathread formed




>Some cookies and cream released

>Burned through about 2 weeks

>hypetrain continues to go in circles until update





>hotfix (?)

>hotfixing hotfix



>highlights video releases soon before update




>comes at 11:59pm est

>excitement in the ship, feels like the dojo only small

>Thinks the map looks kinda bad

>Lookin' at quest

>got bored of 2 or 3 but fine overall

>kubrows SO FLUFFY

>go on forums to laugh at off topic

>sees feedback and general discussion


Is Update 14 the worst update?



>read through first 2 paragraphs getting the "worst update ever?" vibe


>goes to something with "really DE?"

>goes to tl;dr


>it wasn't really THAT bad, in fact, wasn't even bad.

>DE gives players choice in new system

>Players mess up everything

>Blame DE


:| seriously? SERIOUSLY? HOW IS IT DE's FAULT IF YOU CAUSED IT??? (Remember Ceres invasion protest?)


>Veterans hate game and leave

>New players don't care, they're jerks 80% of the time.

>Hate player base, leave

>We all return 4 days later because they want to keep playing regardless of unmet hype

>I return cause new stuff and always love events

>continue to laugh at offtopic and yuikami's fan stuff


>Warframe is good when the veterans aren't complaining



Moral / TL;DR


Don't over hype yourself to be disappointed and angry when something doesn't go your way. DE can't read your mind, and its difficult as all to satisfy everyone. Change something and people will get mad regardless, like with the new mod system added all the back in Update 7, but it was ultimately changed for the better.

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If you hate fake stories, stop reading. You have been warned.

Well this isn't entirely fake...I mean, it's true, but I guess you're saying we shouldn't expect update 14 to come out, cause that's what the last hype train did. Then it got burned. But honestly, I hope it comes out. I expect 13.10 (I don't want it but I'll expect it...) to be here tomorrow, but I really hope update 14 arrives. Otherwise, this'll be The Train.avi all over again.

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