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A Lil Help For My Paris Prime



I cant decide which last Mod to put in paris prime.


should I put Heavy Cal. or malignant force instead to increase the status chance.


if I use Heavy Cal the puncture damage is about 1 100 and 31 status chance


if I use Malignant force the puncture damage is 780 and 51% status chance


which best mod to put??


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I say it depends on how much toxin damage you're doing, and where you plan on using your paris prime.
If you're just using this as an overall mod layout, go with heavy calibur. It's better to do plain damage than risk a status chance.


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Depends what you prefer. Ask yourself whether or not that element is worth the lower damage but additional effect, or if that one high damage shot is worth it.


If you are considering elements more, what is the primary "health" or enemy type you have trouble with? Consider using that mod to benefit towards that problem.


If you are considering damage more, is not being able to stop that heavy gunner worth the extra damage?

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you don't need heavy cal on a pp as long as you have maxed crit and crit damage. IE point strike and hammershot with the an elemental combo. You don't need really anything else tbh You'll hit over enough with that alone

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