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About The Sword And Board...

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They already habe a move where you throw ot. Watch the livestreams, buddy.

That's not really anything unique. If I wanted to chuck stuff at people, I'd use a glaive.


Edit: Or Use Reaping Spiral, which throws the scythe at the enemy. Different animation, Exact same result.

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You can...throw the shield?


That sounds like they are daring people to complain honestly.


Unless they are magic and just respawn endlessly?

im certain it works somewhat like the glaive.


also space magic.


at least my Oberon has found his equipment set.

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Not sure if this has been asked yet, but can we bash stuff with our smashing board? Like the Shield lancers, will the shield actually do anything unique, or it just gonna be a cosmetic with our sword and board stance mod.


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As dumb as this sounds, just think of the shield as a second sword. You possibly wont be able to bash anything with it, but hey, you can throw it around all fancy and stuff.

Well I was thinking 'oh hey you can block stuff, its a shield!' but every other weapon can do that also.

It would be disappointing if the shield only had some unique animations and that's it.

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Hitting the attack button while blocking to do a shield bash a la Skyrim would be pretty neat


Why else have a shield, unless theyre going to put some special blocking modifier on it, like 100% damage block with no stamina use or something to make it more "shieldy".


Another thought I had, maybe any melee attack against the shield automatically puts the attacker into a finisher state.

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Yeah, after player HOURS upon HOURS of games with shields, I'd love to see a shield bash that ragdolls targets in front of you. I think it'd be cool to have the board block bullets without stamina loss (however a great loss in movement speed whilst blocking bullets) but when hit with melee you take marginally more stamina damage due to the weight of the shield getting hit by a machete. Or atleast Block + Attack = Stun OR Block + Attack + Channel= ragdolls. But on the topic of shield lancers... 3384819-6856551712-3146..jpg

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