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For Those Who Don't Know The Origin Of Warframe

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What's amazing with this video is how the basics of the corpus and the grineer was already there, but in a single ship.
The same environment has been pushed in two very differents directions to give two distincts styles and factions

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Its still a very insteresting look of waht it might look like when a warframe's helmet opens

It would have worked if we were humans.

Now I tend to assume that the tennos actually have the shape of their frames, as a result of how the void twisted their body.


Anyway, have anyone esle seen this picture from the original concept ?



Could it be the roots of some sentients place? :D

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Though I must say to the OP this really is not the way to bring up this video. (e.g. As if you just discovered it or there was any current time significance for this. I mean if we were at war frames 2 year anniversary then make this thread so we can reflect). 


However people reacting negatively should be ashamed. It is still relevant to bring up this video now and then. Really I think DE should make a history section for the website that includes their take of the whole story with a time line with concept art to show changes and progression. 


Also now that we have had dark sector proto Excalibur I want concept proto Excalibur armour! 

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