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The Fighting Warframe (Hunter126's 4Th Attempt)


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Just like in the title this is my fourth attempt


This is Fighter (Physical and Elite)




A tenno not used to elements and has a fighting mood, he wanted to help so he went to a secret place in the depths of the earth and trained. He knew he couldn't fight without a warframe so he stole grineer technology. with the help of lotus he built Fighter the warframe of martial arts. he went and grineer saw him but with his new suit, he fought his way back to the cryopods. now fighting as a martial arts warrior, Fighter shows his fighting onto the battlefield.



Base Statistics

Health: 100 (300.0 at rank 30)

Power: 120 (170.0 at rank 30)

Armor: 150

Shield Capacity: 90 (270.0 at rank 30)

Sprint Speed: 1.1

Stamina: 150



Explains him

Gone through elite training, Fighter now uses the power of martial arts against foes physically, mentally and spiritually.




Fighter's abilities uses the power of a true warrior to gain advantage in battle.


1)Mega Punch- Throws a punch that delivers a powerful force, knocking foes away and dealing high impact damage.

Upgrade will increase damage, range and AoE

Starts at 100 damage, 5m range and 1m radius, upgrading, 1st rank is 150 damage, 7m range and 3m radius, 2nd rank is 200 damage, 10m range and 5m radius, 3rd rank is 250 damage, 12m range and 7m radius.

Strength and Range mods are affected.


2)Ground Pound- Fighter pounds the ground with his fist, knocking down foes and weakening shields.

Upgrade will increase Effect and Area of Effect

Starts at 3m radius and 10%, upgrading, 1st rank is 5m radius and 20%, 2nd rank is 7m radius and 50%, 3rd rank is 10m radius and 75%.

Range mods are affected, Strength mods aren't affected.


3)Strong Spirit- Fighter highly increases his and his allies spiritual energy, increasing attack and speed.

Upgrade will increase effect and duration.

Starts at 10% and 4 seconds, upgrading, 1st rank is 25% and 5 seconds, 2nd rank is 45% and 6 seconds, 3rd rank is 65% and 7 seconds.

Strength mods are affected, Duration mods aren't affected.
The mind and spirit becomes a weapon tenno
4)Willpower- Emits a powerful force of willpower, shattering enemy minds in it's wake, any enemy who survive become confused overtime.
Upgrade will increase damage, duration and AoE
Starts at 250 damage, 5 seconds and 5m radius, upgrading, 1st rank is 400 damage, 7 seconds and 7m radius, 2nd rank is 600 damage, 8 seconds and 12m radius, 3rd rank is 850 damage, 10 seconds and 15m radius.
Explains more about abilities

Mega Punch looks like a charging punch then shoots them away from him (nearby enemies), much like Sonic Boom but some warframes have the same ability but a bit different.
Strong Spirit charges up and gives him and his allies, increased attack and speed.
Willpower puts 2 fingers on his forehead like he's calculating then releases a powerful willpower because of his will it can shatter enemy minds.

comment please
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