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De, Please Please Do Not Do Business With Perfect World (Mega/hyper/ultrathread)


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Blimey, logic in this thread? What is this madness?


Well said Adun, well said indeed.

Well its.. madness

You have to realize that when something a person likes gets threaten to become something worse, they panic, even without full knowledge of what is happening with the current event.

And instead quietely not saying anything, and wait to see what happens ( or calmly post their "disgust" of said event ), they yell loud and clear to be heard, because its the bloody Internet, to be heard you have to be loud.

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RIP Warframe and RIP DE. You're gonna lose business, lose control and lose anything you could have gained.


Deal hasn't been finalized yet, They could stay or go this is how business goes, just like haggling in the Trade section of the In-Game chat, Offer, offer, offer. Don't like the offer? Decline and find another buyer.


Hope you do not mind the exotic spiciness. 


Even ketchup cannot save you from those. 


I have an acquired taste for Spicy food :d. Signed a waiver once at a restaurant to eat their hottest sauce for their wings, Taste buds got shocked and I couldn't taste for a day or 2 but It was all worth the amazing Zing xD


People continue to dramatically wail about something that hasn't even happened, when they don't know what's actually going on.


Wailing gets taken as facts and turned into more wailing.


I for one am not going anywhere. I will decide whether the game is dead or not when, or rather IF, something happens.


General public is always prone to mob mentality and the people trying to sooth logic into them are often not heard but let's not be that scenario!


As much as rational thought makes the day go well, fear/mass paranoia > logic (sad but true phenomenon in general society). 


Pretty much this.

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