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Team Zubaz Seeking New Players


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Clan emblem

coming soon



Hello one and all and welcome to the forum page for team zubaz we are one of the better clans out there in the solar system and definitely want to share this fun experience with some tenno.


Current Mission statement


we are currently seeking new players in order to swell the ranks of our clan in fact we aim to be one of the number one clans out there, sounds normal right? This is where this differs we are on a mission to find many new players and want to show others that clans can be fun and rewarding.

Clan stats


As far as clan stats go we have a fully upgraded research room as well as some undeployed solar rails in regards to size we are more than able to take in as many willing tenno as it comes our way (storm clan). 


Current Alliance


the zubazian alliance


Clan ranking system

Herald of Zubaz- Essentially the leader of the clan currently there are three Heralds this is subject to change. Only very few are able to acquire it in fact very highly trusted members can acquire this title and were with the clan for 5 months or more. However the max amount is three.


Zubazian minister- Usually this rank involves vice leaders and are to be respected, they take orders from the three heralds and whatever these people say goes.this rank has the ability to kick others from the minister is also the clan tactician which means they can deploy solar rails. all privileges below are instated.


Baz inquisitor- This rank involves everything the general manager has plus the ability to be a architect and a treasurer this usually is someone in the clan who can handle clan duty's well and is trustworthy. all below privileges are instated.


Baz general manager- This rank involves the ability to promote and demote other players and is generally a elite member this rank is trusted and allows these players to host clan runs. tech,host, recruiter, promoter,privileges are instated.


Baz sage- This rank has much more authority as it involves the addition of being a clan tech Baz sages`s can host dojos and recruit other players.


Infantry of Baz- This is a normal entry level rank that involves the ability to host the clan dojo but to also recruit other players.


Citizen of Bazland- This rank involves just hosting rights, it is a temporary rank but can be used as a punishment for a less severe crime in the clan.


scrublord- This is the punishment rank the scrublord has no clan rights and is not allowed to host dojo games.


Clan rules


don't be a arse and by that we mean just don't show off for others like a jerk we get that some players don't have things others don't.

We do not tolerate any racism,sexism,religious persecution, or otherwise hurtful behavior.



Details on how to join!

Everyone is welcome to join regardless of gender ethnicity or race


psn and message details go to megaman105


also our clan is called team zubaz if you are having any trouble finding us let us know.




upcoming events

mosaic hop =time 7/02/14

rewards 15 plat for first

10 plat for second

5 plat for third.

tagframe=time tba

pop quiz= time tba



Fun facts


1.While the name Zubaz refers to pants this clan is not affiliated with that name in fact it is referred to a unsuccessful street fighter character concept called Zubaz, is attacks were supposed to be lighting based and he was supposed to have a lasso and be a ranged lightning fighter.


2. In recent years Zubaz has appeared in a multitude of indie games such as the newly released Shovel Knight, and the hit indie sensation divekick although he is referred to as the baz in both of these.


3. The clan name itself was decided upon after watching a letsplay series called two best friends play in fact scrublord is a actual clan rank as a joke for the fighting game series two lets players did together, in fact the name came from a fighterpedia episode however this show was not that popular.



Coming soon


Forum posts


Feel free to post your psn details down in the forum below and use 1 sentence to state why you want to join the clan

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