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Heavy Caliber, And The Dera



So the million dollar question: How bad does it get really with Heavy Caliber? I've seen some videos on Youtube about some of the weapons that I have, but not all. Some weapons with horrible accuracy, I don't much care how it will affect them, like the Supra.


The weapon I was really wondering about was the Dera. This is one of my all time favorites. I chose it because it had perfect accuracy, and accuracy was the only thing you cant really positively mod in this game. I figured hitting it more doing moderate damage is better than hitting it rarely with exceptional damage. The travel time for me isn't a problem, especially with Volt. Now, I have Heavy Cal at +75% Damage, and -25% Accuracy, and the spread is still tighter than any assault rifles that I've put it on. It's barely noticeable...in fact I wonder if I am imagining it.


What do you think?

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i have a Loadout that uses Heavy Caliber on Dera.


it's an 8/10 currently(i wouldn't go higher than this) - and... well, compared to the pinpoint Accurate it was before, it's bad. but compared to the Accuracy of most other Automatic Weapons, it's not that bad.


i can still use the Weapon just fine, though i'm usually aiming for the Enemy in general, and not Weakpoints.

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