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Nvidia Useres, I Need Help


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Not sure if helps, but I was having stuttering trouble this morning.


Checked for Nvidia updates, installed. Tried this 'GeForce Experience' thing's auto-settings and it seemed to fix it.

Increased resolution back up to 1600x900 without any additional lag.

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Be careful with Geforce Experience.  I had a spell where it would cause WF to crash every Sunday evening because it wanted to check for any new ways to optimise it.  Also, using Geforce Experience to optimise graphics will reset to default all your sound settings and unequip all gear, 'cause that makes sense...  A few times that's happened to me and I forget about the gear unequipping thing right up until I really need ammo in a Void Defense.  So check the settings and make sure it is not set to do anything without your approval.

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