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The Game Acts Like I Don't Have Any Platinum Or Ciphers!


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Hey there!


I have made 12 ciphers and I still have the original 50 platinum that I started out with. However, when I am in a mission, the game acts as though I have 0 ciphers and just a few moments ago I tried to trade in my Clan Dojo (for the first time) and the game said I had 0 Platinum! Please fix this! Thank you!

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don't know why the ciphers don't work, but as for the 50 starting plat, that was made untradable to prevent people from starting fake accounts to get tons of free plat.


You need to equip your Ciphers using the 'Gear' option in arsenal.


make sure you do this

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Really? Wow.. I think you should be able to do whatever you want to do it with it anyways, I mean trading is mastery rank locked anyways.

platinum exploitation. create new accounts -> main account invites to dojo-> trade plat (with enough credits)->rinse and repeat


do you see why theres a restriction? pretty smart play imo

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