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Renegotiating the founders deal, or adding things to it, this long after the program closed is a very bad idea.


Perhaps though, we could get a syndana that accepts a badge, or multiple badges, prominently.  You'd be able to show off your founder status with the badge, and anyone else wishing to show something off could use it for a different badge.

Now that is a good idea and works around the issue other people are bringing up, yet forgetting it's already happened. DE has ADDED things after the founder packs closed. The T-shirts and headbands we got, as well as the bonus extractor slot we got.

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DE making an unwise move once is not a good reason to make further bad moves later - especially since the environment now has clearly changed, judging by the plague of "bring back founders gear" threads we get.

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I like badges, they are neat, good for showing off in the dojo and such, but so hard to see at a distance. You have to basically hug their arm to see some of them. Syandanas on the other hand and quick and easy to notice. A event not too long ago had a unique syandana with it, the rescue 2.0 one.


Syandanas have become a way to instantly recognize if someone has done something, specially the prime access exclusive syandanas. So, i'm sitting here thinking. "I love my founder badges, but no one ever notices them. Sure I can run around as excalibur prime to show off my founder status, but...I really like using zephyr. There has to be some way I can easily show off my founder status, just like the prime access one." And then the idea popped in my head.


Founders Syandanas. Why is this not a thing? Now please, PLEASE! do not take this the wrong way. Prime access users have a quick and easy way to show "Heeey, I got prime access, look at my syandana~" and founders have...badges that you can't see unless you stop to look at them, a warframe/weapon that may not be the one you want to play that day, and a avatar that may or may not be seen in game.


All i'd like to see is a Founder Syandana. Something unique and stands out, that is all. I mean, pfft, if you wanna go a step further you could make a founders exclusive armor set, like with the infested one but that may be asking for too much. Just a simplistic founder syandana, an example would be take the Pyra syandana, and replace the flames with the founder symbols ya know? Simple.


Please keep the flame hatred away. Please?


EDIT: To those saying "Wasn't Excal Prime enough?" Only if they turn excalibur prime into a skin that I can wear on ANY warframe. I would settle for that as well. Other than that? No, Excal Prime was not enough because I can't use my wonderful team support trinity powers as a excalibur. Unless that changes, I would like a simple syandana that says "I'm a founder" rather than the tiny badge that requires me to stand still and let other people stare at it, if they even notice it.

*gives your name a gold tint and glow ingame* There. Now people know you're a Founder. :P

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