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Drunk Moderators... Please Continue! No Really, I'm Serious!


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I was recently playing warframe but decided to make this thread based upon what I saw while in mission. I was playing the alert for Yam and noticed that the moderator's message to inform the player of the coming update was an rather unique one. It seemed to either present to the players that Moderator has become either very witty or had drunk too many units of the popular fluid many tend to drink when calming their ills.


All I can honestly remember from this moment is that their was mention of Milking a Kubrow and something about nicker twisting players. Though I may have been slightly distracted by the Infested Karaoke Band playing in my Alert Mission at the time.


Either way I and others have found this to be an experience that I we'll never forget... But just in case please CONTINUE as it was the funniest thing I've seen in a long time.


Though if you are Drunk could you please add Unicorns and Space Monkeys, then use give them to Salad V and make them his private army. Oh and also give him a rainbow suit, that way we can see Salad V ride into battle in a rainbow suit on a Unicorn leading an army of Space Monkeys.


Thank you...

                       I look forward to milking my Kubrow.

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