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so ive been waiting for today for my emblem to be uploaded and instead the plat was taken does this mean i wait until next wed????


they normally take the plat first, so this is not out of the ordinary. i go the approval message the day before the emblem was added. which was 3 days after i uploaded it. so hopefully you will get a response soon

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hi, first time post..

general question, wanting to know when my clan emblem will be approved or even put into the game.

I rushed to design and submit my emblem for the release of the nearest update.

I submitted my clan emblem on July the 5th and it hasn't even been approved.

when can I expect approval or even for it to be added in game. release date for the next update? the Wednesday update? a hotfix for the new update that's release?

I feel as if the process is too long a wait to be asking for 150 plat from the players. by the time I'll see my emblem I will have lost interest with the game. I've done research viewed other forums and seen some players waiting a month?

please can we see a quicker system put in place or at least approval after a 5 day wait

or even notification I haven't wasted money on a game I've already support with paying so much already! thank you

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