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What Is Up With The G3?



It's been ~20 Invasion runs since My last encounter.. During those invasions against the grineer, I have not received the Hate Mail, My last hatemail was infact 5/20/2014... i have been doing invasions since, so why am I yet to receive a marker? Letalong running alongside clannies who have the mark for no spawns for ~20 runs?



inb4 PWE: £150 for G3 Spawn next run

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You're already marked. They don't give you more than one at a time. It just seems like the chance of them appearing is slim. I've had no luck either. :/

  Reviewing all my inboxes (Not deleting ftw) My marks: 


4/20/14 (420)



12/19/13 (Cicero Event Mail)



For the entire release, i'm only seeing 5 marks overall, but ~20 runs is silly. Theres 2 people who It rust to have the Mark, mainly being clannies and if i'm marked as you say I might be. Then that's 3/4 100% marked players, whcih should trigger spawn in less than 20 runs

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They need to release an update where we can see if we're marked or not either on the status bar or HUD or even better in the squad list prior to starting a mission. It should be doable as you can see what weapons or dragon keys people have equipped in the squad list.

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