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Fallen Ninjas (Team Ninja Revived) Looking For Active Players! Plat Tourneys And Prime Weapon Giveaways Read More


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Fallen Ninjas (Formally Know As Team Ninja) is currently looking for active, somewhat experienced players.


We have a ton of experienced players in our clan who are very active. We always have players hosting/joining missions and farming.


Dojo is currently in the works, but already have most of research done, fully decorated and trading post is done.


Also Doing Plat Tournaments (For example whoever can form a team that can reach the highest waves in T3 defense gets 100plat prize) And Full Set Prime Weapon Giveaways to active players.


Overall we all have fun and enjoy playing this game, we hope to continue building this clan and add players who are willing to stay for the long run.


PM MostSteez or Deuce2524 or MrShadowHero for more information. :D

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^ Sent all 3 invites, check warframe inbox. And only requirement at the moment is be active. Not on everyday but not offline for like 30 days, unless you're like busy with work or school or on vaction then just give us a heads up.

Thanks all for joining and hope you enjoy our clan

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So you usualy kick out new members from your clan??


You invited me yesterday and today I am out from your clan !!


No we don't normally kick new players. Almost 100 players were kicked by someone, we're not quite sure who did it either. We're working on a solution but feel free to send me a friend request ingame and i'll invite you to the current clan or the new one.

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