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Game Freezes In The Launcher And Can't Update


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Okay, this happened to me after the 13.9.1 hotfix,


First i can't download the update, everytime i tried it starts downloading but the download speed reduces to 0b/s, i mean, if i'm downloading at 1,5mb/s it will get to 0,5mb/s and after to 5,b/s and doesn't download anything.


After several tries, the game updated, i logged in and everything worked fine, then, i get out and started to play again, but the launcher stopped at "Checking for updates..." and never get through this point.


I veryfied the game files on Steam, and it started to redownload all the game, again.


Anyone else having this problem?

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i'm having issues with the launcher too, but mine says the content server is unavailable.

so mine wont even update.


if it is downloaded through steam apparently you can verify the download cache and it'll start working. (im checking if this works right now for my problem.)

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I get that too, 3 times, the launcher doesn't download the game and after that said that some thing of the update couldn't be downloaded and restarted the update process.

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