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Just Introducing Myself After Much Delay!


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I'm Patrity. I recently c hanged my in-game name to Patrity, which is what I go by in several other online games, such as World of Warcraft, ESO, and SWTOR. I have been playing Warframe since open Beta. I signed up for closed Beta but never received a response, sadly.


I am apart of the F ounder's program with the Hunters Package. As well as the Disarm Prime Access package. I obviously love warframe and love how they have structured this free-to-play game, making everything available to everyone.. Not only available, but also obtainable, if you know what I mean!


My favorite warframes to play for MY entertainment are Vauban and Nova. I enjoy the strategic approach that both of these frames require! My first level 30 frame was Rhino, followed shortly after by ash. I own 12 out of 18 frames currently. Honestly, there is no reason that I do not own them all other than complacency. I enjoy playing the ones that I have. Either I already own the prime version, Loki, frost, mag, and excalibur for example, or they do not interest me, ember and saryn.


I will proudly  say I have contributed to the devs by purchasing hundreds of dollars worth of platinum that I believe they have earned for producing such an original TPS. I enjoy the game so much so, that it is my most played game on steam, despite my large library with steam as well as outside of steam.


I hope to connect with new friends who often farm new frames or recover after formas. My clan is quite inactive. I either plan to create my own or join a quite stable clan.

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