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Kubrows And Player Ships


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Lotsa questions here,

will our kubrows have names? random names or can we choose them ourselves? if so will other players see their names as well? or will it just be "augmenatus' kubrow".

I assume youll choose to either bring along your kubrow or your sentinal. biggest problem, I am a lot more manuverable than the kubrows already in the game. all I have to do to escape them is stand on a box, how are they supposed to follow me with max rush on...

player ships, can I invite my friends to my ship. can I put a hammock in it. if I decide to become a minimalist can I remove all the furniture? can I add furniture.

can me and a friend breed our player ships to make neweer better player ships.

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haha i think this thread was good comic relief, thank you, but yeah, i think names will be a thing. I hope.



EDIT: i really do hope we can have 2/3 kubrow instead of just 1 so that we can have our own variations in colours/build

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