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★ ~~~ Selling: Maxed Mods / Rare Mods / Prime Parts ~~~ ★

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Welcome Tenno!
I'm selling lots of Maxed Mods, Rare Mods, & Prime Parts.

Best way to contact me is on Steam (ZechsX18999), but you can try to message me in game or on the forums.

Happy Hunting!

----------------------------------------------------------------------Maxed Mods:-----------------------------------------------------------------------

Common: 150p each
Maxed Redirection (Warframe)
Maxed Steel Fiber (Warframe)
Maxed Vitality (Warframe)
Maxed Redirection (Sentinel)
Maxed Steel Fiber (Sentinel)
Maxed Vitality (Sentinel)

Uncommon: 250p each
Maxed Equilibrium

Maxed Hornet Strike
Maxed Provoked
Maxed Serration

Rare: 375p each
Maxed Blind Rage
Maxed Heavy Caliber
Maxed Magnum Force

Maxed Narrow Minded
Maxed Reflex Guard
Maxed Tainted Mag
Maxed Tainted Shell

--------------------------------------------------------------------Warframe Mods:---------------------------------------------------------------------

Constitution - 5p
Enemy Sense - 10p
Flow - 5p
Fortitude - 5p
Handspring - 10p
Intensify - 5p
Narrow Minded - 20p
Quick Thinking - 20p
Rage - 20p
Reflex Guard - 5p
Streamline - 5p
Stretch - 3p
Undying Will - 5p
Vigor - 5p

----------------------------------------------------------------------Aura Mods:--------------------------------------------------------------------------

Corrosive Projection - 5p
Dead Eye - 5p
Enemy Radar - 5p
Infested Impedance - 5p
Physique - 5p
Pistol Scavenger - 5p
Rejuvenation - 10p
Rifle Amp - 10p
Rifle Scavenger - 5p
Shotgun Scavenger - 5p
Sniper Scavenger - 5p
Speed Holster - 5p
Sprint Boost - 10p
Steel Charge - 10p

-------------------------------------------------------------------Primary Mods:------------------------------------------------------------------------

Critical Delay - 10p
Cyro Rounds - 3p
Firestorm - 20p

Hammershot - 20p
Hellfire - 3p
Infected Clip - 3p
Metal Auger - 5p
Serration - 3p
Shred - 5p
Split Chamber - 10p
Thunderbolt - 5p
Vital Sense - 5p
Wildfire -5p

-------------------------------------------------------------------Shotgun Mods:-----------------------------------------------------------------------

Accelerated Blast - 5p
Blaze - 20p
Chilling Grasp - 3p
Contagious Spread - 20p
Hell's Chamber - 10p
Incendiary Coat - 3p
Ravage - 5p
Vicious Spread - 15p

------------------------------------------------------------------------Pistol Mods:----------------------------------------------------------------------

Barrel Diffusion - 10p
Deep Freeze - 3p
Gunslinger - 3p
Hornet Strike - 3p
Ice Storm - 5p
Lethal Torrent - 5p
Seeker - 10p
Steady Hands - 5p
Stunning Speed - 5p

----------------------------------------------------------------------Melee Mods:-----------------------------------------------------------------------

Berserker - 15p
Coiling Viper - 5p
Corrupt Charge - 10p
Energy Channel - 5p
Fever Strike - 15p
Focus Energy - 5p
Power Throw - 5p
Quickening - 5p
Rending Strike - 5p
Seismic Palm - 5p
Spoiled Strike - 10p
Sundering Strike - 5p
Whirlwind - 15p

--------------------------------------------------------------------Sentinel Mods:-----------------------------------------------------------------------

Coolant Leak - 15p
Fired Up - 10p
Guardian - 10p
Self Destruct - 15p

-----------------------------------------------------------------------Prime Parts:------------------------------------------------------------------------

Bo Prime Ornament - 5p

Boar Prime BP - 5p
Boar Prime Receiver - 5p

Boar Prime Stock - 10p

Boltor Prime Barrel - 5p
Boltor Prime Stock - 5p

Braton Prime BP - 5p
Braton Prime Stock - 5p

Bronco Prime BP - 5p
Bronco Prime Barrel - 10p

Burston Prime BP - 10p
Burston Prime Barrel - 5p

Burston Prime Stock - 10p

Dakra Prime BP - 5p
Dakra Prime Blade - 10p

Ember Prime Chassis BP - 5p
Ember Prime Helmet BP - 5p

Fang Prime Blade x2 - 5p each

Frost Prime BP - 5p
Frost Prime Chassis BP - 10p
Frost Prime Helmet BP - 5p
Frost Prime Systems BP - 15p

Glaive Prime BP - 10p
Glaive Prime Disc - 5p

Latron Prime BP - 5p
Latron Prime Receiver - 5p
Latron Prime Stock - 5p

Lex Prime Barrel - 10p

Mag Prime BP - 5p
Mag Prime Chassis BP - 5p
Mag Prime Helmet BP - 5p

Orthos Prime BP - 5p
Orthos Prime Handle - 5p

Paris Prime BP - 10p
Paris Prime Grip - 10p
Paris Prime Lower Limb - 5p
Paris Prime String - 5p

Reaper Prime BP - 5p
Reaper Blade - 5p
Reaper Handle - 5p


Rhino Prime Chassis BP - 10p
Rhino Prime Systems BP - 5p

Sicarus Prime BP - 5p
Sicarus Prime Barrel - 5p

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