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Proof That Distilling Extractors Need To Be Fixed...


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Seriously? 8 hours for nano spores... Not to mention the grinding to get enough oxium to build one in the first place.


After having extractors for a while now it seems like the standard ones gets me more rare items than the distilling ones.


Is this the case for anyone else or am I just really unlucky?

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distillings bring me back research mats most of the time.. even on planets like pluto and phobos, where they are not even listed as a resource.

I have better chance at neurodes and orokin cells if I empty my titans 2- 3 times a day then distilling extractors once...

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Yea, Distilling Extractors are a waste of time and resources at the time. In order for them to be better they'll need a greater likelihood of finding worthwhile items.

Titan Extractor (Regular and Prime) Chance
Common 75.5%
Uncommon 22%
Rare 2%
Legendary (Probably selects rare resource) 0.5%
Distilling Extractor (Regular) Chance Change
Common 30% -45.5%
Uncommon 65% +43%
Rare 5% +3%
Distilling Extractor (Prime) Chance Change
Common 20% -55.5%
Uncommon 75% +53%
Rare 5% +3%
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What do you expect? It never to give you nanospores? 


There is only 4 resource per region and if one was removed it would make it to easy to get some resources. 


Its pure RNG and nothing but. 

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