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Frame Idea (Tesla)


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Name: Tesla


Gender: Male


Theme: Glitch/Electricity.


Okay so the basis around this frame is that it solely involves glitches much like the stalker and how he makes the screen flash making it seem as if the game itself is "glitching". The electrical portion is used because in all known reality since in order to glitch you ust have a system which is run through electricity. Tesla (The Frame) is able to manipulate the circuits in the system itself to grant self inflicting buffs/powerups for himself and the team but Tesla himself focuses on damage output rather than sheild.Tesla has the ability to make the impossible possible in the game. Every move used that has a buff will ofcourse have a small duration, 15 is a preferable since it gives you time to use the ability but not be overpowered to the point where you keep 1 hitting a lvl 72 for a good 2minutes. Since Tesla is able to manipulate the system at will, he is able to create situations not normaly possable in our current games.


Story: Tesla was none other than a science expiriment by the corpus that went wrong. He was a guinea pig used to test the effects of a highly concentrated amount of the stalkers DNA that they obtained from a recent Tenno battle damaging several of the facilities.Since these had to be repaired they decided to repair some terminals as well coming upon a mysterious red liquid that had a purple tint. The DNA they obtained had many complications in it includeing the infecteds DNA meaning that the grounds where the stalker was had highly contagious parasites used to spread the infection, but knowing this they used the DNA as planned. Once this was forced upon Tesla several matters that complicated the experiment leading to the research facility's downfall and the staffs deaths.Tesla soon joined the Tenno hoping to Eliminate the Corpus off the face of the world for the terrible things they have done and only THEY can own up for. The experiment was then halted...for now.



Streamline- Tesla teleports to the nearest enemy one after the other (4 at max) dealing extremely large amounts of coding damage.( Every hit forces the target to go into a coding much like the mastery rank ups when you have to fight against the coded grineer chipping away at the life and shield simutaniously while dealing physical damage)


Vengence- Telsa dashes foward in a blink of an eye and shoots a blast of powerful electricity forcing enemys to go into a coding state (unable to move) but when done casting he expirences a response from the parasite hidden within releasing pulses of infected energy that harms the nearby teamates and the enemys around him dealing LARGE amounts of toxic,and codeing damage.


Multiplier Effect- Tesla intrudes the system to buff the team and himself with a swift regeneration effect that applys to the health, sheild, and energy, but in return enemys deal 3x the amount of damage to Telsa.(lasts for 15 seconds at max)


Purge- Tesla can't contain the parisites power anymore so he releases the energy automatically equping the mire in a more evolved state flying into the air and crashing down dealing heavy amounts of toxic, codeing and electrical damage and as a side effect he emits several pulses around him that effects enemys and teamates.



75Health  75Sheild

Has two wing like structures protrudeing from the shoulderblades.

Wears a trench coat made from the souls of the lost covering his helmet seeing nothing but a red flaring eye

Has a gauntlet with a glowing orb on the right arm


Im sure this could be a little more put together with pictures but me drawing with a trackpad would look like a ketchup stain so i would rather leave it up to the judges oin how hes designed. Keep in mind that he must be lightweight and mobile for quick lethal attacks. Tesla is also meant to represent the Grim Reaper preventing the fate of others to be turned to a different path.

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Now that I think about it Volt does revolve around electricity more but Tesla is supposed to be more along the lines of glitching. But it would only make sense to have electricity since you cant glitch somthing with a rock for say.

Glitching is less about electricity and more about faulty programming.

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