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Why Extermination On Grineer Shipyard Can Be Baaad


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-NOTE- after a while (around 10 ish min) the guy finally respawned onto the map, which was good.. cause I was about to quit the mission..


On the Shipyard now for me you spawn next to a tram and a 1-way-only slide through some pipes. The mission which was originally was Deception was turned into an Extermination mission (cause stalker came and wooped my @$$ for killing Phorid cancer)


Then this right here happened. The enemy spawned.,.. you guessed it... Before the 1-way tunnel of fun.



I dont mind this, but this is something that got to be fixed in Extermination mission. I have noticed that multiple of times the enemy spawn behind me, which I think is weird if you cleaned all the areas behind you. Should be fixed.

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