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Explaining Concern


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I've read a lot of hyperbole and whatnot about PW and why people are afraid of it, lots of anecdotal evidence, rumors, etc.


So, I'd just like to post the actual issue in ways that people can understand(so many of the rages don't).




A slot machine functions by a person putting in money, activating it, and then hoping for a reward.


Some people have a "gambling addiction", where their brain processes the reward system oddly, so they're willing to stay at slot machines for hours or days or months, until they're out of money, all in the hopes that they can beat the mathematical odds and somehow come out ahead.


Gambling addicts are willing to fork over large sums of money to their chosen form of gambling, and slot machines are by far the most popular. They take little input from the owner, and cost very little reward, but still feed the addict's brain misprocessing.


Now, what certain companies, including PW, have determined, is that you can take this and apply it to a game. Turn everything in to a gamble. Except, unlike a slot machine, there's never any money paid out. The jackpot is, instead, an in-game item that the players value.


Thus, players willingly gamble to gain the in-game items, and the company makes money off the gambling. The more gambling you add to a game, the more "slot machines" built into the fabric of every weapon, every power, every class, the more money people pay. Slot machines for levelling up, slot machines for getting gear, slot machines for basically anything and everything you can imagine.


For most people, this is revolting, and it makes the game practically unplayable past a point--the slot machines are timed to kick in after a player is "addicted" to the game, and then it layers the gambling addiction on top.


This results in a high turnover rate with lots of easy-to-ignore players who will hit the slot machines and be basically forced out of the game, so the company needs to keep advertising at all times.


However, for those people subject to gambling addictions, they're easily trapped within the double-layered addiction, and willingly spend hundreds and thousands of dollars for meager payouts. Thus, the game is a virtual casino, except, as before, the house always wins.


Because the slot machine RNG layer can lock content down for weeks or months as people try to gather enough money to buy enough chances to advance, the game needs almost no updates at all. Thus, the game stagnates as a "game", ceasing to actually have such function, but rather remains as a casino for the few hopeless addicts, who lock themselves in further by realizing how much money they've thrown at it--they can't walk away now, their character is high level and has several thousands of dollars worth of jackpots sunk in to it, but they can't stop spending, as they will cease to advance. Thus, they keep spending, until they run out of money, or game is making so little money that the owners finally close it down.


Lather, rinse, repeat.


So, while there's lots and lots of statements of intent and hopes and fears and whatnot, that's the basic issue: Perfect World is a gambling company that owns many casinos disguised as games, and makes a habit of purchasing real games to turn them in to casinos, as it saves them money on development and advertising costs.


So while people have lots of terms for this, "ruin", "hell", or "awesome", the basic issue is the same: PW will likely, if it buys DE, eventually convert Warframe into a casino, and the viewpoints expressed by the population at large all revolve around whether or not they enjoy casino gambling.


I hope this helps people understand why this is an issue, and why it inspires such emotional responses.



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We cant back down now. People are relaxing way to quickly and if &!$$es me off how their is absolutely nothing we can do to fix this. Cant even throw money at DE to try and solve this.



EDIT: +1 since im out for the day....

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Sigh... Before trading existed and rare mods were actually rare I spent a couple thousand plat on mod packs... Yes that was when rare ability mods were in them too...

Gambling addiction is terrible. Lol. XD

Edit: Well I'm thinking twice about Prime Access going forward. Just don't know how Warframe will be like in 6 months.

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I think the most logical conclusion is PWE wants DE to make a game for them.


how is this any different from the other 9000 posts about the subject;
Warframe is over and its time to leave


Warframe isn't over, you need to stop making people panic. Show me your proof that PWE is obtaining DE and Warframe in their entirely, and I'll consider feeling upset over losing this game.

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I'll just play tell that perfect world splash screen is added. Then i know where my money is going and stop.

Out of all possible publishers, PW is complete opposite of what DE was trying to do. I dont see any other reason except money for this to go through.

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