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Thirsty Thursdays Pre Weekend Party


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When - Today 11:30am-12:30pm EST


Where - Join the party live in Team Speak


Why -  A chance to win the platinum and compete in our trivia, We will be giving away 50 - 115million battle pay total for our guests! DJ-Yoshi will be DJing for us and broadcasting Live from http://radioarkadia.com/.




Trivia Rules:


The host (Lysanya) will periodically ask questions during our event. Questions will be asked in the Teamspeak channel and participants will answer via chat. There will be a time limit ended within 2 minutes by "---------------------------" in the teamspeak channel's chat by a trusted representative.


There will be points awarded the to the the first three people to answer the question correctly.


The first person to respond with a correct answer gets 3 points. The second and third persons with a correct answer are rewarded 1 point.


At the end of the event, all users will have their points summed up and the prizes will be rewarded as follows: 



1st place: 100 platinum

2nd place: 50 platinum

3rd place: 25 platinum



Anyone is eligible to join the party and win the prizes. All you have to do is join the party in TS (It's okay if you don't have a mic or don't want to talk; you can type and listen). Winners must be willing to stick around after the ending of the event to recieve their prizes.

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