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Dear everybody

I need help. I have some friends on warframe and i want to join them in game.

What i noticed since the beginning of playing this game i had some problems when i was joining some mission. It goes to the loading screen. You see everybody load. Then i think in myself why does it take so long to get in the mission. So after waiting half a minute i get the problem: Lost connection to host. What can i do to fix this because it is beginning to annoye me alot. I already triend to change my zone in setting but the problem kept popping up.

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Hey guys because nobody awsers i kept searching and i found the fix for people who have the same problem here is the fix!

1: Go to settings

2: Look for Syn Y ( i think) Its in the video settings down below

3: It is on auto. Put it on 'ON' and it will be fixed!

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