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How To Make My Hydroid Look.. Like A Pirate!?



Yeah i kinda have a thing where i want every Warframe to look cool, and by that i mean i want their weapons to look cool with them! so the typical things like Banshee/Akboltos, Rhino/Supra, Nekros/Vectis come to mind, i also try to do the same with their color scheme.

Heres my issue!


Im having an issue with Hydroid, his colour scheme just kinda conflicts with me, and i don't know how to colour him to look, well like a pirate?

Does anyone have any colour schemes/Weapon setups to help me make Hydroid less of a landlubber and more a Pirate of the sea?

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His default colors are actually pretty good, but i'd replace that turquoise with a sandy color or mud brown, then you got yourself a pirate. Or.... Just look at Davy Jones fro Pirates of The Caribbean as that's who DE based Hydroid off of



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his alternate helmet is superb at what you want.


not one alert about it so far though


I haven't just been unlucky and missed it, then!


For my Hydroid I go for a combination of murky blues and greens, for that "deep sea monster" look.


Lurrrve Hydroid - joint-favourite frame, with Zephyr!

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Thats the best i could do with the captains hat!

But i still need one with his normal helm D: i just cant get it to work, ive tried what you guys have said such as the browns from the color packs etc but no joy D:

i could really do with a picture lads <3

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