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Incorrect Stance Listed In-Mission For Venka


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So, I recently made the Venka, the new Claw weapon. I didn't have Malicious Raptor, as I sold the only one I got to a friend the day after it came out. None the less, I didn't have the claw stance, so I assumed when I switched to my Melee in-mission, or when I leveled it up, it would just show the weapon name. However, as you'll see in the picture below, Malicious Raptor is shown in the weapon name as it would if I had the stance equipped. I can confirm that it was shown when I leveled up the weapon, though I missed the screenshot of it. This isn't a major issue at all, but it should be fixed to avoid confusion. Thanks DE!

PS: I can't tell if I have the stance combos in missions, as I've never used the stance before. The movements when I have only the claws out seem to be more advanced, but I'm not entirely sure. Maybe somebody else who has used the stance can test this out and confirm?


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