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Recruiting For Elite Tenno Corps.


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Hello. were a brand new moon clan and ive built nearly the entire dojo with just a handful of people. many of those have gone inactive,with me (Mastery rank 13) to run the clan/alliance with the other warlord Masterkush1121..we are a simple laid back clan looking for members that are looking for a friendly place to play and enjoy Warframe, and to socialize with other players.. envolvement in clan based events is welcomed but not required. Nor is attendance in the raidcall channels a requirement,yet again are welcomed and available for use by both clan and alliance members. Dojo complete and 99% of research finished with remainder either building or collecting..Clan badge,duel rooms, and obstacle course available for use by everyone. trade post and vault placed and available tax free to anyone in need currently.that may change as we enter dark sector conflicts but not until then and not by much..Ranks are available swiftly for active members.To join please feel free to post to this forum post, pm me ingame or you could visit the raidcall rooms and there may be someone there to help you..Only requirement is no jerks and douchebags. We were all new once,Lets try not to forget that when dealing with newer players..


Raidcall rooms:

Elite Tenno Corps Raidcall channel= http://www.raidcall.com/go.php?sid=8600865


FOURTWENTY Alliance Raidcall channel= http://www.raidcall.com/go.php?sid=8634047

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