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Arkane's Back Alley Mod Sale 10

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Welcome stranger! Taking offers all day! If I'm not online, I'll get right back to you asap. These mods are currently UNRANKED. I do take fusion requests and will try to level any mod to the best of my ability. This means that I will either put the mod on hold for you while I work on it or sell it with what's in it. My timezone is PST.


Constitution x3 (Nightmare) 15p each

Continuity 25p
Equilibrium x3 (10p each)
Flow x10 (10p each)
Intensify 15p (Last one!)
Fortitude (Nightmare) 15p
Maglev 5p
Master Thief 15p

Natural Talent x2 (30p each)
Overextended x4 (Corrupt) 20p each
Rush x2 (7p each)
Streamline x3 (10p each)
Stretch x9 (7p each)
Undying Will x3 (15p each)
Vigor x2 (Nightmare) 15p each


Arrow Mutation x9 (10p each)

Thunderbolt 20p



Corrupt Charge x2 (Corrupt) 20p each (SOLD OUT)
Fever Strike 10p
Finishing Touch x29 (3p each)
Focus Energy x6 (15p each)
Fury x22 (5p each)
Heavy Trauma 7p
Killing Blow x4 (8p each)
Melee Channel x2 (10p each)
Melee Prowess x99 (5p each)
Molten Impact x8 (5p each)
North Wind x86 (5p each)
Organ Shatter x27 (5p each)
Power Throw x3 (5p each)
Pressure Point x495 (2p each)
Reach x162 (5p each)
Rending Strike x2 (10p each)
Shocking Touch x7 (8p each)
Spoiled Strike x4 (Corrupt) 20p each
Sundering Strike x5 (10p each)


Barrel Diffusion x2 20p each
Convulsion x137 (5p each)
Gunslinger x3 (10p each)
Heated Charge x60 (5p each)
Hollow Point x2 (Corrupt) 20p each
Hornet Strike x6 (5p each)
Ice Storm x4 (Nightmare) 10p each
Lethal Torrent (Nightmare) 15p
Magnum Force (Corrupt) 20p
No Return x26 (5p each)

Pathogen Rounds 15p (SOLD OUT!)
Pistol Ammo Mutation 10p
Razor Shot x14 (5p each)

Sure Shot x5 (10p each)
Steady Hands 10p
Stunning Speed x7 (Nightmare) (10p each)
Target Cracker x1 (5p each)


Bane of Corpus x14 (10p each)
Bane of Grineer x4 (10p each)
Bane of Infested 10p

Hammer Shot x3 (15p each)
Hellfire x6 (10p each)
Infected Clip x23 (8p each)
Metal Auger 15p
Rifle Ammo Mutation x2 (15p each)
Serration x10 (5p each)
Shred x2 (10p each)

Split Chamber x2 (20p each)
Stabilizer 10p

Stormbringer 15p
Tainted Mag (Corrupt) 20p
Vile Precision x1 (Corrupt) 20p
Vital Sense x4 15p each
Wildfire x4 (Nightmare) (10p each)


Accelerated Blast x6 (Nightmare) 15p each
Ammo Stock x2 (10p each)

Cleanse Grineer x12 (10p each)
Cleanse Infested x53 (7p each)
Disruptor x10 (5p each)
Hell's Chamber 20p
Incendiary Coat 15p
Point Blank x29 (10p each)
Ravage 10p
Shotgun Ammo Mutation x6 (10p each)
Shotgun Savvy x28 (5p each)
Shred x6 (10p each)
Tainted Shell x2 (Corrupt) (20p each)
Vicious Spread x1 (Corrupt) (20p each)


Charged Chamber x2 (10p each)
Sniper Ammo Mutation 10p


Dead Eye 10p
Energy Siphon x2 (50p each)
Enemy Radar x3 (15p each)
Pistol Scavenger 10p
Rejuvenation 10p
Rifle Amp 15p
Shield Disruption 15p
Shotgun Scavenger 15p
Steel Charge 15p


Fired Up 20p
Spare Parts x19




Burning Wasp x2 (10p each)

Clashing Forest 20p

Crossing Snakes 30p

Iron Phoenix 25p

Reaping Spiral x15 (10p each)

Tranquil Cleave 50p

Sundering Weave x5 (10p each)

Seismic Palm 25p


Arcane Helmets:


Thrak Rhino Helmet 30p

Vanguard Rhino Helmet 75p



Tower Keys:

Tower 2 Exterminate x6 (2p each)
Tower 2 Mobile Defense x3 (2p each)
Tower 2 Survival x4 (2p each)
Tower 3 Capture x3 (5p each)
Tower 3 Defense x4 (5p each)

Fusion Specials!:

Berserker (Max) 30p
Flow (Max) 20p
Focus (Max) 20p
Overextended (Max) 40p (SOLD! [Fusing new one soon])
Rifle Amp (Max) 50p

Fusion Bundles:

Firestorm, Enemy Radar (Maxed) 65p

Prime Equipment (May not contain whole sets. Will try to come as close as possible!):

Boar Prime: BP, Receiver, Stock 35p
Burston Prime: Receiver (4 left), Stock 20p
Latron Prime: BP (8 left), Barrel (10 left), Receiver (10 left), Stock (5 left) 30p
Mag Prime: BP (2 left), Chasis BP (10 left), Helmet BP (7 left), Systems BP (7 left) 50p

Paris Prime: BP (2 left), Grip (4 left), Lower Limb (8 left), String (1 left) 35p

Also looking for:

Lex Prime: Whole set


NOTE: Will be adding Stance and other mods to this list within the next few hours. Also editing some prices.

NOTE 2: Due to some trolls from Blacklight abusing the messaging features (Sony should really fix group messaging), I've set my messages to only be available to my friends so you may have to friend request me in-game and reach me there. I'm online often. I'll find other ways to be reachable asap!

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