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Graviton: The Warframe That Can Manipulate Gravity


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1st: I don't have any concept art for this, it's just an idea. Fell free to make any if you so choose


Description: Graviton is is a driving force that cannot be stopped by anyone or anything. He can manipulate the very gravity that keeps planets in their orbit as well as the gravity that keeps you on planets. Not only is he a bane to anyone foolish to fight him, but an excellent ally to have by your side.




Shields: 90




1. Downward force: Graviton increases the gravitational pull around him to force enemies to fall to the ground, making them unable to move or fight for seven seconds. (does not affect allies or himself)


2. Force throw: Graviton can pick up enemies or other objects using gravitational manipulation to be used as a shield or to throw at other enemies which will cause 85 damage on impact


3. Gravitational field: A dome of lessened gravity surrounds Graviton (it also moves with him) for ten seconds, causing any enemies that step within to float up into the air unable to move or attack, and after the ability fades, those that haven't been killed yet will take fall damage


4. Gravity Hurts: Graviton causes all enemies and matter around him to tear itself apart, forming a dome of matter, and then he can launch bits of his shield at other enemies at high speeds for 10 seconds, causing average damage. After the ten second period the shield explodes outwards, and anything in the blast radius takes massive damage.


Alternate abilities:

Orbit: creates a force around Graviton that causes all incoming projectiles to orbit around him, and then launches those same projectiles back at the enemies overtime (Credit goes to Hunter126 fore that one!)


Graviton can crush his enemies with ease, Tenno, don't stand in his way.

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Well his abilities are pretty similar to other frames, you probably want to move away from that. I'd suggest a single-target or small-area version of 3 for 1, and maybe have 2 give a heavy impact-like ability to nearby frames. I'm not sure what to do for 3 and 4, but 4 is pretty much identical to oberon's reckoning so that definitely needs a change. Feel free to throw some ideas around, those are just off the top of my head

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I guess you could say it's a variation of Bastille that follows Graviton and leads to enemies taking fall damage when either

A. the ability fades

B. when graviton moves and the enemies end up out of the field's range

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I Like the 1st ability, the 4th is pretty much Oberon's Reckoning and lotus already calls mag a force to be reckoned with. the 3rd reminds me of Bastille and/or Rhino Stomp.


What about a move similar to Zephyr's Turbulence which instead be called

?)Orbit- Creates a force around Graviton causing incoming projectiles to orbit around him then the projectiles go outwards overtime.

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Well gravity can do some pretty funky stuff at the macro scale, I'd suggest reading wikipedia's introduction to general relativity; gravity can distort spactime around large planetary bodies, and creates powerful radiation around incredibly dense neutron stars. The abilities don't have to be scientifically accurate, but it could help inspire you.

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one thing is do you use spoilers

like this


[ spoiler ] type text here and remove spaces from brackets [/spoiler ]


and this


click on the second spoiler

do [ spoiler ] [ spoiler ] type text here and again remove the spaces from the brackets now or between the [ spoiler ] write something [/spoiler ] [/spoiler ]

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