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Question To All "burned Out" Players


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what games do you play instead of warframe? :D
I effing fell in love with the moba smite ( already lvl 30 @_@)

do you guys have any other sugestions on games I could/should play, when I cant stand the grinding anymore? :P

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Let's see, I play Smite, Attack on Titan Tribute Game, TF2, Dino D Day, and a LOT of Bioware games. 


Smite is a 3rd person MOBA where you play as gods from different pantheons.

Attack On Titan Tribute Game is a browser-based game inspired by the anime, Attack On Titan. You can play as either an agile human, or a derpy, clumsy Titan. They have checks and balances, too, such as humans are pretty much one-shot killed, and Titans are large, with only one vulnerable spot at the back of their neck. Each human has a special ability they can use to benefit their Titan hunting. There is both PvE and PvP.

TF2 is hats.

I picked up Dino D Day yesterday from the PCGamer giveaway, and it hasn't disappointed. You can play as the Axis or Allied powers from WW2, with a twist: The Axis powers characters are mostly dinosaurs with guns on their backs. Sounds fun already, right? It gets better, you can play as a suicide compy, with a grenade on its back it can trigger at will, and somehow getting kills before blowing up supercharges it.

Bioware games are great for story and gameplay (mostly). The Mass Effect Trilogy, the Dragon Age Series, even the Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic games (NOT THE Old Republic MMO, that's not as good,) all famous for interactive stories, great gameplay (mostly, again), if you haven't played one of their games, I recommend picking up at least Mass Effect 1 and/or 2 + Dragon Age Origins. None of those require Origin, to my knowledge, since you can get them on Steam.

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Minecraft... Zandronum... Cosmic Break...

Some of the best games I've ever played...

Cosmic break is another huge grind, but just as fun in all else as Warframe (Especially if you like Mechs (Like me) and/or Moes.

Minecraft is... well... Minecraft.

Zandronum is basically DooM, but it's actually a huge servers handler for some quality online multiplayer fun. If you have the original DooM, it's easy as f*ck to set up, and playing a good match in servers with lotsa people (Something not even slightly hard to find) is priceless. (Also, if you liked the old Nes/Gameboy megaman times, one of the most common mods the servers use is a Deathmatch/Team deathmatch Classic 8-Bit Megaman style, and you can choose pretty much any Megaman character from that series.)


Oh, and I was never a big fan of gore, but there's a Mod called brutal doom that basically revamps the whole game, but without touching the vanilla graphics and enemies, but making it 1000% more gore-y and bloody, that is honestly my favorite mod ever. (You can make some sweet as f*ck fatality-ish moves on enemies with the berserker pack.)


All three could give you some good times for laughter and fun. and if you need anymore tips, just PM me and I'll pass ya my Skype to help you out with anything and/or play them together. (This is also valid for all other burned-out Warframers out there.)

Oh, and save for Minecraft, they're all free.

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