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A War Between Tenno.


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Tenno my name is dubstep and i come with urgent news. A war between Tenno has emerged between clans of all kinds, small and large.Be careful, Tenno many of these clans are out to take down all in their path,even if you stay out of the war.


A clan can challenge any other clan at any time,depending on the ranking of their members.Once challenged a message will be sent to the clan Warlord.If the challenge is accepted you will be sent to a battle field for the next 24 hours when entering the dojo.


Once you have entered the battle field Tenno, you will be given a selection of pre-decided weapons which will be Bow,Rifle and Shotgun all ranked up to 30, but with no mods to make the battle even for both ends.


Your warframe abilities will be altered as well these abilities including Rhino's iron skin,Trinity's blessing,Frost's snow globe and Valkry's  hysteria.


You battle field will be larger then most conclave maps for more mobility and room to fight.


Tenno,remember that sometimes not even your brothers and sisters are your allies  

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