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Jaw Sword's Jump-Melee Attack


Does this sword have a jump-melee attack that makes enemies explode when they die?

Here's why I'm asking. Months ago, someone posted this comment on the wiki:

this sword is better if there lots of enamy, the jump strike ability can be used to kill enamies causing to explode and deal aoe damge around them, this is good if ur surounded and there strong enamies along with weak the chain reaction would cause massive damge if done correctly

Here's another:

Biased comments. This sword is top tier in normal melee damage tied with heat and Cronus. The fire rate is bottom tier with skana. It's jump strike ability is a quake that hits all enemies in a good distance and can make them explode if their health is low enough.

The latter comment received this reply:

Is the quake attack still there? When I tried it, nothing special happened.

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I've never noticed the quake low health insta-gib effect on Pluto enemies.

On lower level enemies when they blew up I always assumed it was from the ice elemental effects on my jaw sword.

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Oh, to clearify, I didn't put on any elemental mods. Tested with just armor piercing mod and jump attacked level 1 ~ 2 Grineer(s). The weapon itself doesn't have anything special with its jump attack, unlike some other uniques.

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No problem! I was wondering that myself before when I first got the Jaw Sword. Pretty sure I knew the answer, as I leveled that weapon to 30. But I wanted to test it again to be entirely positive about it before posting.

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