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Here I shall list all the items I have for sale. I usually check in to these forums every couple of hours, except when sleeping, so chances are any replies to this thread will be seen before long. I'll update the list as necessary when items are no longer available to become available. Everything is first come, first served.


I have yet to sort through my mods to see exactly what I have extras of, but if you have a request for anything but nightmare, corrupted, and stance mods, feel free to add a reply or PM me asking for it and how much you'd like to pay and I'll see what I can do.






Akbronce Prime Blueprint x2

Boar Prime Blueprint x1

Frost Prime Blueprint x1

Latron Prime Blueprint x1






Akbronco Prime Link x1

Bo Prime Ornament x2

Boar Prime Receiver x2

Boltor Prime Stock x3

Burston Prime Barrel x2

Burston Prime Stock x3

Latron Prime Stock x1

Paris Prime Lower Limb x6





Frost Prime Chassis x1








Fracturing Wind x10 (Fists)

Reaping Spiral x3 (Scythes)

Burning Wasp x2 (Whips)

Sundering Weave x2 (Machetes)

Clashing Forest x1 (Staves)



Enemy Radar x1

Energy Siphon x1

Rejuvenation x1

Rifle Amp x1

Rifle Scavenger x3

Shield Disruption x1

Steel Charge x1


Frame Mods:

Constitution x1

Continuity x2

Flow x3

Intensify x1

Natural Talent x1

Quick Thinking x1

Reflex Guard x1

Streamline x1

Undying Will x1

Vigor x1


Sentinel Mods:

Fired Up x1

Spare Parts x4


Primary Mods:

Arrow Mutation x1

Ravage x4

Shotgun Ammo Mutation x1

Split Chamber x1

Thunderbolt x1

Vital Sense x7


Pistol Mods:

Stunning Speed x1


Melee Mods:

Focus Energy x1

Power Throw x3

Rending Strike x1

Sundering Strike x3












If you'd rather trade, here's a list of the things that I need:

Ankyros Prime Blueprint

Ankyros Prime Blade (x2)

Ankyros Prime Gauntler (x2)

Bo Prime Blueprint

Bo Prime Handle

Braton Prime Stock

Burston Prime Blueprint

Fang Prime Blueprint

Fang Prime Handle

Glaive Prime Blueprint

Lex Prime Blueprint

Lex Prime Barrel

Lex Prime Receiver

Loki Prime Helmet

Reaper Prime Blade


Narrow Minded

Fleeting Expertise

Blind Rage


Enemy Sense

Sure Footed

Master Theif

Loot Detector

Shield Flux

Sprint Boost


Burdened Magazine

Tainted Mag

Rifle Ammo Mutation

Critical Delay

Heavy Calibur

Charged Chamber

Seeking Force

Life Strike

Coolant Leak



Bleeding Willow

Brutal Tide

Coiling Viper

Crimson Dervish

Crushing Rain

Decisive Judgment

Flailing Branch

Gleaming Talon

Gnashing Payara

Homing Fang

Pointed Wind

Sinking Talon

Stalking Fan

Swirling Tiger

Tranquil Cleave

Malicious Raptor

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