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[De]Steve's Redtext The God Of Hotfixes (With New Animation By Thebestusername, 7/6/14)


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"Someone should make a real Warframe concept from this," - Prime Time 35


And so it was said so shall it be.



The glorious original, that I could never live up to.



...[DE]Steve. My mentor and legend. Please teach me your ways of art. You spoke of a co-op art session, one lucky individual might be graced to receive. I know I am unworthy of such a gift, but please consider me as a follower of the MSpaint Steve Ross legacy.


Oh God, I'm laughing too hard. I couldn't resist a little speed paint. It was nice to take a break from 3D modeling a bit. For those that didn't watch the last Prime Time. Steve, DE Creative Director, contributed his glorious skills at MS paint for most of Prime Time, making a new frame, which is totally confirmed for Update 15. Totally. He oddly turned out like a mix of Loki and Vauban with a poop-ton of emissive lines all over him. And....dragon heads? Uhhh, I'll name them Megan and Rebecca respectively.


Feel free to shout out his abilities. XD Perhaps his Ultimate should be summoning (Final Fantasy 5-minute cut-scene style) a giant boat shaped like a Chocobo to slam onto enemies. Oh dear. Please don't hurt me DESteve.


Edit: And now comes in beard flavor.


And pink shorts flavor.



And in 3D!...flavor?



Now...animation flavor? (Animation by TheBestUsername)


All bow before his Pinkshorts glory.

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The prime time only ended about 4 hours ago how do you create so fast?

Passive ability: grows almighty beard out from it's chin plate, negates all damage


It only took an hour. XD

And this is what the ability should look like...



Beard was the best idea ever. It really sells it. Editing original post now.

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